Check out what my clients say about me

“Our Romanian rescue dog Angel fell extremely ill with a mystery muscle illness in 2017.  We were at our wits end as we had no answers after various trips and admissions to The Royal Veterinary College Queen Mother Hospital.

We contacted Becky Shuttleworth after a friend had recommended her Canine therapies.   During times when Angel was allowed home from hospital, Becky came to our house and gave Reiki and Canine Flow to Angel.  Her holistic and caring approach to us as a family as a whole including Buddy our other Romanian Rescue was truly healing and helped us at the most terrible time.   Angel responded so well to Beckys’ loving touch and therapies which were tailored to her needs. 

The hospital could not give us a diagnosis or prognosis regarding Angel’s awful plight which included internal muscle and bone cysts, lesions and inflammation and dramatic weight loss as they had never seen such a case.  Throughout this time Becky went above and beyond and gave us support, distant healing and made a  Bach Flower remedy tailored to help Angels’ symptoms.  The RVC had given permission for Angel to receive Beckys therapy alongside conventional medicine.

Angel spent in total a month at the RVC and at one dreadful point we almost lost her.   Eventually, a breakthrough came through when the RVC decided (with our consent) to administer steroid treatment which initially was thought could be catastrophic for her as they thought her condition was not autoimmune.

It was a turning point and Angel was well enough to be discharged and slowly began to recover at home.  Angel had more home visits from Becky and we could see her improve each time.   We cannot thank Becky enough as she went above and beyond in her work and helped our family heal.  Angel is recovered and is full of beans and cheeky as ever three and a half years later.  We call her our Miracle Girl.

I would thoroughly recommend Becky for Canine therapy as I witnessed the help it gave to our family and truly believe in the work that she does. Thank you Becky.”

“He had a really good walk! I took him on a street walk with main roads and narrow pavements so we had no choice but to face the cars and we only had one instance of trying to chase! X” Ashleigh, Mummy to an overexcited bulldog.

“I managed to get him to walk calmly up to my mum in the park today! Soooo happy! And we had an encounter with a fluffy dog – and it took about 6 turns to get him to walk past calmly enough! I’m knackered but super pleased with his progress x” Ashleigh, Mummy to an overexcited bulldog

“Just wanted to send u quick message….got people round for D’s bday, and Harvey is doing soo well! Laying in the middle of the kitchen floor at the moment !!!!! ” Jen – Mummy to a humping dog that other trainers couldn’t help”

She was so chilled instantly I was gobsmacked, I’ve been working really hard on everything we discussed but I’m shocked in the difference in her already” Paula, Mum to a very stressed schnauzer.

“She settled down so well that she moved into the room and laid down for a bit and then went round to everyone for a stroke” Anonymous

“I’ve read your blog and you should be proud of yourself Becky Shuttleworth. I am so glad you are working with my devil and can’t recommend you enough.” Sandy with Luci.

“I was sceptical at first, but I know that I needed to do something to help myself and Jakey so anything was worth a shot! Some of the things you bought up are things that I hadn’t told you or even thought about so it was really interesting to see how he connected with you and let you in on his problems. It was good to hear your interpretation of his feelings and it all made so much sense! I think the session really helped him and it definitely helped me – I have a lot more respect and compassion toward him now! Thank you for helping us understand his feelings! X ” Stacey with Jake.

“Met with Callum’s dad today for a dog walk, kept Jakes distance – he was sceptical at first but half way through, went up and said hello – they came back to ours for a cuppa and Jake was silent, even went and sat next to him and let him stroke him! So pleased!!!” 😍 Stacey with Jake

“These pups got face to face with the beastie next door…. There was a little grumble from ours but that was it. Spending time with you is doing them the world of good.” Lainey

Since we’ve had Becky our dogs have improved hugely. They’re much better at walking, we can now have people over without the fear of them barking constantly. I’m now able to have my work calls at home without them barking so much and when they do bark I know how to manage it with thanks to Becky’s help. Thank you so much Becky. You have honestly been a lifesaver! And probably prevented me from having a breakdown” Lisa, Mum to two naughty sausages.

“Thank you so much for a very informative animal communication Becky. It was very interesting and I now feel that I have a better understanding of my boy and his needs. I also feel more capable of managing situations when he’s feeling anxious or nervous” Anonymous

“I reached out to Becky when I saw details of her work on Facebook and I’m so glad I did. I’d been having problems with 2 of my 3 dogs since we had been attacked by some off lead dogs. It had got to the stage where I had to have one crated whenever we were out of the room because he was so unpredictable and he was causing trouble with my other male dog. I was doing my best to manage it so thought I didn’t have anything to lose by doing the programme with Becky. Distance wasn’t an issue because it was done via zoom at a time convenient to me. What followed were 4 very informative sessions that gave me the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the confidence to deal with my dogs. Becky also did a communication with them which was enlightening. Armed with the results of that communication and the training I’ve had, the situation at home is now completely different. I can now leave the crate door open and the 2 boys are quite happy snuggled up on the sofa together. They have even been left (not intentionally!) in the same room uncrated whilst we went out! Becky is always there if I have any questions which is great, I know I have support as and when I need it but her course has been a game changer. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Becky”