Our services include

  • Canine Training Walks
  • Canine Therapy Consultations
  • Mobile Canine Sensory Garden
  • Dog Transportation
  • Canine Reiki
  • RAW Food
  • CBD Oil
  • Magnetic Therapy Products

Canine Training Walks

Does your dog suffer from severe separation anxiety? Do they react so badly to other dogs and people when they’re on a walk that you can’t send them out with a regular walker? Then my specialist walks are exactly what you need.

My walks are tailored to your dogs training needs. I work on their behaviour on a walk and put in place everything I would be telling an owner to do in my 1-2-1 training sessions. I offer group walks or single ones depending on what you and your dog feel comfortable with and need, but the initial walk is always a single walk so I can assess the dogs behaviour and work out the best option for them and their training going forward.

Once the dogs are happy and I have worked on the dogs training issues they can then be slowly introduced to the group walks if you wish for them to continue with me. To ensure that all the dogs on my group walks get the attention they require I have no more than 4 dogs on them, and all dogs on the walk wear an active GPS tracker on their collar or harness for the duration of the walk.

The group walks then consist of the normal walking, running and free play but I also use my experience as a Canine Therapist and include various enrichment games and activities to challenge your dog mentally and to help them release any built up emotional baggage they may have, like excess excitement or anxiety.

Most of our clients see an improvement in their dogs overall behaviour after just a couple of weeks of walks out with me.

All dogs are collected in my fully insured van, designed with your dogs comfort and safety in mind. When I drop them home I am happy to check and refill water bowls and if you have left any food or treats prepared I will also happily give these to them. My aim is to treat your canine companion the same way that I would want someone to treat mine.

I also offer 1-2-1 training walks with both you and your dog where I show you how to correct your dogs behaviour yourself. Each walk is held at a place of your choice and is 45 minutes long.

I am also fully insured, DBS checked and am a qualified Canine First Aider.


Do you have a severely anxious or reactive dog? Is your dog terrified of certain things or situations? Have you tried every behaviour method or gadget put in front of you with no real effect?

I qualified as a behaviourist back in 2009 and strongly believe that we never stop learning so have constantly refreshed my training and kept up to date with new techniques ever since. Because of this I am qualified to help your dog Physically, Mentally and Emotionally and to help you fully understand exactly what is going on and why they are behaving the way they are.

Over the years I have come to realise that, just like us, dogs can suffer from deep rooted emotional and physical trauma that can’t just be trained out of them. These traumas are the main cause of the behavioural problems we come across in our dogs.

If we suffer with severe anxiety, grief, anger issues etc we don’t just go and get it trained out of us, we see a doctor for medication or visit a therapist to help us cope and manage it. Our dogs are no different, for their deep rooted problems they also need a therapist.

As a canine therapist I will take your dog through a course of therapy to help me get to the root cause of the problem and fix it. Some of the techniques I use include:

  • Canine Hypnotherapy
  • Various relaxation and grounding exercises
  • Various energy techniques including Reiki
  • Animal communication
  • Aromatherapy oils
  • Flower remedies
  • Kinesiology
  • Sensory activities


Sensory gardens are proven to decrease a dogs boredom by stimulating their brains and activating their normal canine behaviour which in turn helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

I know that not everyone can create their own sensory garden for their dogs so I have created one for you. My garden can be transported to any home regardless of space and can even be set up in a room indoors if you don’t have an outdoor area to use.

You can hire my garden for 30 or 60 minutes and I will be on hand at all times to show you the best way to interact with your dog to get the best out of it, or I can interact with your dog myself allowing you to get on with other things.


Whether you need to make a local trip to the vets, have the next Crufts winner needing to get to a qualifying show, or you need a new family addition collecting from the rescue centre or breeder, I am fully licenced and insured to transport them all.

I have experience of most breeds and size of dog. I have also previously volunteered as a foster home Romanian dog rescues so I understand the challenges associated with handling dogs from foreign countries and I specialise in working with nervous, anxious or reactive dogs.

I ensure that there is an open communication channel throughout the journey with constant updates and photo’s. Where possible your dogs will also have an active GPS tracker attached to their collar or harness for the duration of their journey with me for their safety and your peace of mind.


You may have heard of Reiki being used as a holistic treatment for people but did you know that it can be of benefit to your pets as well.

The intended benefits of Reiki are for physical healing, Psychological treatment and general wellness. It has been reported to:

  • Strengthen an animals immune system
  • Speed up healing after sickness, injury or surgery
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Relieve pain
  • Assist with behaviour problems
  • Increase the pet-owner bond

I have been a Reiki Practitioner for 7 years and a Master for 5 years and would be more than happy to discuss whether this could be beneficial for your pet.


Do you often wonder what the best diet is for your dog? Do you have one person telling you that kibble is best while another swears by Raw?

Having worked in various sectors of the pet industry over the last 14 years, I have attended a lot of courses and workshops and accrued a mass of knowledge about the pet food industry and the best foods for dogs to eat. Having obtained this knowledge I took the decision to feed my dogs a DIY Raw diet and am now a supplier of the food I use for my own dogs.

I can give you any advice you need on your dogs diet and and help you transition over to a natural Raw diet without any stress and worry.


Our animals bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, these are neurotransmitters that bind to receptors in their nervous system. These receptors receive and translate signals from these endocannabinoids, which help to regulate functions such as sleep, immune system responses and pain. CBD oil influences the body to use these endocannabinoids more effectively by impacting on the receptor activity.

Giving CBD oil to your dog each day may help with:

  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Digestive Problems
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Seizures

If you’re unsure whether CBD oil may be of benefit to your dog then I am happy to discuss your situation with you but please be advised that your Vet should be consulted before you start your dog on our product because under the VMD regulations it is classed as a veterinary medicine.


Magnetic Therapy is a natural process which doesn’t involve drugs or complex procedures found in other complementary therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology or hypnosis.

When magnets are placed on the body the magnetic field penetrates the skin, tissue and bones and helps remove harmful toxins and improves the circulation of oxygen, proteins and minerals around the body. This in turn boosts the growth of healthy new cells assists the body’s natural self healing process.

Magnetic therapy has been known to:

  • Provide pain relief
  • Control swelling
  • Increase tissue and cellular oxygenation
  • Relieve tension
  • Aid sleep and help with insomnia
  • Reduce water retention
  • Relieve migraines
  • Relieve neck, back and joint pain
  • Relieve the symptoms of arthritis
  • Control Cramps
  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Relieve menstrual pain

Our best selling power hearts are renowned for their pain management qualities and we have a wide range of products available for both animal and human use.

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