Therapy 4 Dogs was born after I decided to move away from mainstream dog training

I was a dog behaviourist, specialising in pack structure training for 6 years and had used my methods to help countless dogs and their parents, but there had also been dogs I’d been unable to help.

I started looking for other options and eventually found the techniques that I use now. These techniques take into consideration how your dog feels about each situation it’s in and helps you to understand them and help them to control their behaviour.

I soon realised that just like us, our dogs get emotionally affected by the things happening around them and so they need more of a therapy treatment than a training session.

Alongside being a canine therapist I am also a fully qualified dog groomer, dog walker and Reiki Master. I also have years of experience in RAW feeding and am a supplier of DAF raw food as well as a supplier of a CBD oil brand that can be used for dogs under your vets advice.

In 2020 I acquired my pet transport license and with my partner Kevin, I am also able to transport pets around the UK.

Becky and her Romanian Rescue Dog Bo