Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Send Help

‘You’re so lucky to have all of those animals!! That’s my dream!!’ 🤩🤩

Let me tell you about my evening and then we’ll see if it’s still your dream 💭

Firstly I went out to top up the poultry’s water and Paddy went charging out like an idiot, smashing straight into Mary and sending her flying across the garden. Mary is my 16/17 year old Jack Russell and she’s recently gone completely blind so had no chance against the 2 year old Tasmanian Devil 🌪 I’d actually told him to stay indoors because he gets too excited when I go to do the birds and I could see it happening. But he jumped the dog gate and came flying out so I was a bit annoyed with him and made him go back indoors.

As I stepped through the back door with him I found that Jacob, my 16 year old Shepherd Cross had yet again managed to find the water bowl with his backside 🍑 spilling it all over the kitchen floor!
He does this almost every day and I just can’t understand how. We use washing up bowls for our dogs water 💧 so they’re big enough bowls not to just tip. The kitchen one is also in a gap with only one edge accessible. I know he has weak back legs and can’t always control where he sits but it takes some doing to sit in that bowl, yet he keeps managing it 😳 He then gets up and walks around the room dripping the water everywhere from his back legs and tail!!

I quickly got him outside, cleaned all of that up, put Paddy in a crate (so he’d actually stay indoors) and went back out to start my original task.

As I was filling up the birds water I noticed that Benson was having a bad day. He’s my 18 year old Jack Russell and he has advanced dementia 💔💔
Some days he does really well but he does have random episodes where he seems to get lost and doesn’t know where he is or who we are 🫥 Today he was having one of those moments, I could tell he didn’t know where he was from the way he was pacing around the garden. I also knew I would need to catch him and bring him indoors because he would never find where the door was on his own.

So as I came back in I went to scoop him up, but as expected, he didn’t remember who I was either and wouldn’t let me catch him. He kept jumping out of my hands as I went to grab him and running off. When I eventually caught him he tried to bite me out of worry 🥺
I carried him indoors and then scooped Mary up and bought her in as well before letting Paddy back out of his crate.

Once the 3 OAP’s were safely back in our front room, (or the OAP day room as I call it) I decided to go out and share my experience with Kev.
I got out there to find him getting the trailer back out of our sheep field 🐑🐑
He’d used bread, (because it’s their favourite treat), to get the sheep into their shed so they wouldn’t get out of the field. But Shelley hadn’t played ball and was still loose. Not only that but she’d found the rest of the loaf of bread and was walking around with the plastic bag in her mouth 😭

I shouted to Kev and his friend about it and we all took off trying to catch her to stop her swallowing it!! This sheep is 15 years old and a few weeks ago we were talking about this being her last summer because her arthritis was making her struggle to stand up!! But today she out ran and dodged all 3 of us effortlessly 😮‍💨😮‍💨
Kev finally caught her and got the bag from her to find that she’d managed to suck all the remaining bread from it without actually eating any plastic. Which I have to say I found pretty impressive 👌

So that was my eventful evening!! Anyone got a number for someone who offers respite care? 😹😹

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