Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – True Purpose

Odin went to his new foster home this morning. I really hope that this one works out for him because when he’s on his own with people he is such a lovely boy 💙💙

I have had such mixed feelings about this, shame and failure being two of them 😢 but these aren’t my true feelings, they’re feelings put on me by the beliefs of other people.

1️⃣ People who still see me as a behaviourist
2️⃣ People who don’t consider the dogs own thoughts and feelings
3️⃣ People who still see behaviour issues as something to fix rather than the dog trying to tell you something
4️⃣ People who still want the dog to live exactly as they say they should because it suites them better

Thankfully I’m not one of these people and my beliefs are very different, which is why I turned my back on general behaviour methods years ago. I no longer feel the need to ‘fix’ a dog and I don’t feel a failure because of this 🥳

With regards to Odin, I believe he has the right to tell us if mixing with other dogs is too much for him. If it makes him feel unhappy or unsafe in any way or if he’d just prefer 1-2-1 attention from his human. And we have a duty to respect that rather than just say ‘tough, it’s easier for us if you get on with other dogs’.

For me, I believe that I made choices about my life before I came here. I believe I decided what I wanted to learn, what path I wanted to be on and what impact I wanted to have in this lifetime. I made contracts with various different souls to help keep me on that path, whether that be my family, my friends, my dogs or the random strangers I cross paths with, it was all decided before I even came here 🤯
The only things that weren’t decided were my experiences, they are here as lessons to help keep me on the path I’ve chosen. The choices I make when these lessons appear will determine whether I take the direct route or the winding one to my true purpose. If I take the winding one then situations will slowly escalate in order to help me move back to the more direct path 🛤

When I was fostering the first time around it’s what I was meant to do. It was part of my direct path, my journey, hence why it was so effortless and easy 🐶🐶
This time around it was causing me to wander off route and so in order to get me back on track as quickly as possible the universe had to escalate the issue to the point where I realised it wasn’t in my best interest or the dogs.

Dylan, the dog I fostered before Odin, was a solo animal and didn’t want to be a pack dog when he was here, but I didn’t notice the lesson there and accepted another foster into my home. So the universe cranked it up a notch and made it impossible to help him while I had all of my dogs in the same house, leaving me no option but to forward him on to somewhere more suitable.

Well message received universe, I will now stop distracting myself with foster dogs and stay on my direct path, just me and the dogs I already share my life with 😘😘

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