Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Value

It’s come to my attention recently that I’m not very good at understanding the value that my clients get from me 😂😂

You see I’m about giving the dogs a voice and I know exactly what effect that will have for those animals. To finally have their humans understand what they’ve been trying to tell them with their behaviour. The struggles they’ve been going through, how they’re feeling and what they need to have changed in their lives so that they can be happier and more relaxed……. That’s profound.

But what does that mean for my client, the person that’s actually paying me??

That’s the bit that I struggle with a bit more, because sometimes my sessions really don’t go the way any of us expect. All of my clients come to me for help with their dogs behaviour, but 90% of them end up having to address issues within their own lives in order to help their dogs.

Like the client who’s dog had gone back to toileting on the floor at the age of 5 after being toilet trained since a puppy. It turned out the behaviour started around 6 months after she’d noticed her OCD was taking over her life again and done nothing about it.
Her dog needed her to address the issue so what better way that toileting indoors when you live with a human with that condition!! That’s gonna get her attention….. right? 😵‍💫

Thankfully she came to me rather than a regular trainer, and I could tell her how her energetic vibrations and emotions were affecting her dog and teach her how to support him while she sought help for herself.

She came back to me after our final session and told me that she actually stopped going to her therapist half way through working with me. She said that she found that the techniques I taught her to help her dog were also helping her as she did them with him, so she didn’t feel a need to go anywhere else.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this, most of my clients sessions head in this sort of direction. Helping my dogs is the reason that I don’t suffer with my anxiety and depression anymore and why I managed to come off of all my medication several years ago.

So do I know what value I bring my clients? No, I really don’t because I can only imagine how conditions like this can affect peoples lives, so can only imagine the effect my help can have 🐾❤️

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