Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Too Close To Notice

Sometimes when we live with a dog it’s easy not to notice how far they’ve come since being with us.

When Dave came to me in October last year he was really food aggressive.

🦴 I couldn’t have him in a room with any other dogs while I was preparing their dinners.

🦴 He couldn’t eat in an area with other dogs

🦴 No dogs could walk past the dog gate while he was eating

🦴 I was bitten on the leg because I walked past him while he was eating and he drew blood through my trousers

🦴 He started guarding the water bowls and wouldn’t let any other dogs near them. This is down to me using washing up bowls for the water and using other washing up bowls to defrost the large quantity of food we need. He was just guarding the bowl not the content.

But now he either sits either right under my legs as I dish everyone’s food up or in the other room with several other dogs, depending on where he is when I start the prep.
I also feed him in the same room as slower eating dogs now as well but I usually space the bowls out well and keep an eye on him so I can bring him back in with me as soon as he finishes.

Today I put his bowl down at one end of our hallway and fed one of the Jack Russells at the other end and as I was waiting for them to finish my phone rang.
I got so engrossed in the call that I forgot about the dogs eating and panic suddenly set in when I remembered 😳😳

I hadn’t heard him have a go at anyone so I just assumed the Jack had probably given up his dinner without a fight.
I rushed to have a look and there was the Jack still eating and Dave was sitting several steps away from him just watching ❤️❤️

I was shocked!! I went over and sunk to the floor next to him and gave him a massive kiss and a hug and got a lovely kiss back.
As I sat there with him contemplating how far he’s come, the Jack finished his food and walked away from his bowl and Dave didn’t move a muscle. He just stayed sitting there looking at the empty bowl 🥣

I’m so bloody proud of him 🥹🥹

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