Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – You’re choice of behaviour

I’ve often had discussions with clients about how we view behaviour in our dogs and the things we find acceptable 👍 and the things that we don’t 👎

I’ve always said that a behaviour is only bad if you don’t want your dog to be doing it and nobody should be telling you what you should and shouldn’t be letting your dog do, not even a dog trainer 🤐🤐

I remember when I first started as a behaviourist and I went to see a family and their hyperactive Boxer. He was doing laps of the room and jumping all over the furniture but his main issue was guarding. I was with them a couple of hours and left them with an action plan to implement and as I left the Dad said to me
‘I really thought you were gonna come in and tell me I couldn’t have my dog on my furniture and was going to make me treat my dog like he wasn’t a member of my family. I was fully prepared to be asking you to leave today so thank you’ 😳😳

The fact that anybody would go into someone’s home and dictate where their dogs could sit and sleep partly shocked me and partly annoyed me.

When my clients book sessions with me I always ask them what it is that they want from their dog and then I find out what the dog wants from their human. We discuss it as a group with me as a mediator so that each party understands the others reasoning and then we work towards a compromised solution that pleases both 😊🐶

I never plan my sessions beyond this and I always finish a session in awe of what came up and what energies we managed to shift 🌀

Dogs and humans are all different, each has a different personality and different needs and there should never be a planned ’one size fits all’ approach.

Can I help you and your dog reach a compromise in your relationship and home? Drop me a message and we’ll find out ❤️🐾

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