Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Favourites


We all have them don’t we 😱 or do we??

That’s the 2nd most regular question I get asked when people find out about all of the dogs

Have you got a favourite???

I personally don’t believe in favourites. I love all of my dogs 🐶

I have been faced with the possibility of having to rehome them on a couple of occasions and there is no way I could choose between them and decide which to let go and which could stay. It breaks my heart just thinking about giving any of them up 💔💔💔💔

It’s actually what tipped me over the edge in the end when I was in the midst of my mental health struggle. I couldn’t face seeing any of them being rehomed and thought the only way I wouldn’t have to face it is if I wasn’t here anymore 😢😢😢

So no, I don’t believe in favourite’s I believe it’s all to do with the bonds we have with our dogs. I have a different bond with each of mine, which makes my relationship with each of them different.

Take Dave as an example, he likes to keep things calm. He has a play and a bit of a game but in general he likes to keep the energy low, and that includes mine.

I still suffer with my mental health and as much as I work on keeping my emotional levels low around the dogs and teach my clients to do the same, sometimes it can be really hard to manage my mood swings because of it. 🌥🌥
If Dave senses that I’m anything other than calm then he will react accordingly to bring me back from where I’m heading emotionally and help me manage it.

If I’m a bit down or upset he acts like a clown and does things to make me laugh. If i’m annoyed about anything and stomping around pissed of he’ll put himself in my path and growl at me and on the times when I’m angry or frustrated at something (yes even I have my limits and can be pushed over the edge) he will stand in front of me as I move around the house, barking and snapping at me to bring me out of it. I had a row with Kev the other week and turned to walk into the front room and Dave stood in the door way having a go at me and I could hear him telling me not to even think about coming in with that energy ⚡️⚡️

Bella does most of these things as well but will make herself scarce like the rest of the dogs if she can feel my anger and frustration bubbling over. Not because they think I’ll hurt them but because they can’t help it, they feel my negative emotional energy and they don’t like it. They instantly think that there’s a danger and something to worry about. It’s why I try so hard to keep my emotions in check and why I’ll stay in another room and not be around the dogs when I’m feeling like that. I can’t stand seeing them worried and it makes me feel worse so I go and calm myself down away from them.
But Dave seeks me out and drags me back instantly, he even screams the place down to be let out of a room to get to me if he can feel that my emotional levels aren’t right.

For this reason Dave and Bella are usually around me more than some of the others and could be seen as my favourites but then there’s Brian who prefers to just be in a room with you and only be touched if he chooses to come to us for a fuss. I don’t love him any less and would be just as heartbroken to say goodbye to him as I would Dave and Bella we just have a different bond and a different relationship 💝

So no I don’t have favourites and I think if any dog lover really looks at their dogs and thinks about it they’ll realise that they don’t have favourites either ❤️🐾

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