Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Welfare Needs

Sometimes we have to do things to our dogs that neither them or us like and it’s always a heartbreaking decision.

Although the way I teach and how I mentor my clients to live helps them to massively understand their dogs, builds their relationships and eventually resolves problem behaviours, it’s not a quick fix 😩

Just like if we had fears and phobias, anxiety etc. it wouldn’t be a quick fix for us either. In fact it’s not a FIX at all!!!

This is a way of life not a technique that fixes everything. You could go years without an issue and then suddenly something happens and your dog is triggered and responds the way it used to because the feelings and emotions are still there. We are just supporting the dog, helping them to cope and manage so that they don’t feel the need to do the things they do on a daily basis.

But it doesn’t mean that a situation won’t suddenly overwhelm them and cause a relapse. The same happens with us so why wouldn’t it happen with your dog.

What I teach you is to understand what’s happening for your dog and recognise when they’re reaching that point. I give you the tools you need to help them and support them and the knowledge so that you know what you need to do to avoid the overwhelm from happening to the best of your ability.

Sometimes we have to cause that overwhelm because it’s in their best interest and then use these techniques to help them recover afterwards 😢😢

When Brian came to us we couldn’t touch him for months without his anal glands exploding and him physically pooing and weeing himself through fear. As his confidence gained he developed a skin condition and had to be bathed every few days.

He hated this and it set him right back to the start. We couldn’t get near him and in the end we were having to throw a quilt over him to catch him, sit on him to restrain him, get a muzzle on him and then carry him and restrain him in the bath. Every single time he would poo and urinate and his anal glands would explode and his heart would be racing. It was heartbreaking but there was no alternative at that point 💔💔
We had to put him through it for his own welfare and then use the other techniques to support him and rebuild the trust and relationship once it was over.

I know that sounds terrible and absolutely goes against everything I believe in with regards to forcing a dog to do something it doesn’t want to do!!
But… sometimes the call has to be made for their welfare and that is the only time I would ever condone it because it’s still about what they actually need in that moment rather than what suites us ❤️🐾

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