Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Trust

Trust is a MASSIVE thing with dogs!!!

🐾 They have to be able to trust you and feel safe around you
🐾 They need to feel that you trust them, I have worked with countless dogs who’s issues stem from their humans not trusting them
🐾 They need to know that you trust and feel safe in situations you are putting you both in

My dogs are bringing this up for me at the moment.
I have a new foster dog and because of his mannerisms and personality I don’t fully trust him around my dogs yet. I definitely wouldn’t leave him with them while I’m not in the room to watch him 👀

He’s now been with me for 6 days and I’ve noticed my dogs still don’t really want anything to do with him and when he tries to play with them they tell him off and walk away.
It’s really strange to have 18 other sociable dogs in the house and not have one that likes him and wants to be friends and it’s never happened before. So I asked them why and the reply was…….

“You don’t trust him so why should we” 😱😱

I could have kicked myself and couldn’t believe how stupid I was to not see it!

It’s obvious that if I’m giving off feelings of unease towards him or watching his every move then they won’t feel happy and safe around him either and definitely won’t want to play with him no matter how much he tries 💔💔💔

So in order for them to accept him I have to work on my own worries and anxieties. This won’t be easy with some of the behaviours he’s displayed or the triggers I know my dogs have but it’s obviously something I need to experience to help me grow and become better, otherwise they wouldn’t be bringing it up for me!

Gotta love our little furry messengers ❤️🐾

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