Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – Canine Communication and it’s Boundaries

My journey from dog behaviourist to canine communication specialist has taken me 9 years and when I started I had absolutely no
Idea that I was going to be doing the things I’m doing today!!

I fell into the trap of thinking that if I learnt all this stuff…….. the communication, the reiki, the canine flow etc. then I could find out what was wrong with the dogs, help them to feel better and then fix all the behavioural problems that their owners were struggling with.

In my mind it would make me a better behaviourist 🐶🐶🐶

I never dreamed I would eventually turn my back on general behaviour training 😳😳

The journey hasn’t been easy, I think sometimes people see me posting about my dogs and think I can work miracles but I really can’t. It takes a lot of time and patience and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, thankfully because it took me so many years to say “this is how I work” these mistakes were only made with my own dogs.

The biggest mistake was around the communication. I thought that if I could communicate with the dogs then I could find out exactly what was wrong with them (both health and behaviour wise) then tell them what they needed to do and why and they’d understand and do it 👍👍

But it doesn’t work like that, just like communication with another human isn’t like that.

Communicating with a dog is about listening to them, understanding them, having a 2 way conversation that allows both parties to put their sides across and then working out a way to move forward that meets both needs and creates harmony.

One of my clients dogs has really bought this to the forefront recently.
He’s a dog that will think nothing of biting them if he’s unhappy or stressed and he desperately needs to be groomed but hates it.
Mum is worried because it’s becoming a welfare issue and she has been communicating with him about the experience.

She has asked him why he’s so scared, shared the process and what her actions will be through imagery, told him why he needs it and tried to instil in him that he will be safe and nobody will hurt him.
When this didn’t work a conversation was had away from him about having to restrain him and just get it done.

Unfortunately this has all made things worse instead of better. He now won’t even allow them to put a lead and collar or a harness on him, so they can’t walk him or even get him to the vets so he can be sedated and groomed 😢😢

When I connected with him last night he shared that he’s being asked but he’s not being listened to. He doesn’t want it done and no amount of explaining or pleading is going to change that. In short we can’t impose our will on him just because we’re able to communicate with him!!!

He also shared that he ‘overheard’ the written conversation that was had over messenger about forcing him and just getting it done 💔💔
He’s connected to his Mum all of the time, not just when she’s communicating with him so he knows what she’s planning. That’s why he now won’t have the harness etc. on because if you don’t put that on then you can’t restrain and force him.

When you communicate with your pets this is something you open yourself up to. My dog knew when I thought about tickling his paw while he was asleep the other night. He kicked straight out as if I’d done it then opened his eyes and looked at me and asked me not to do it 😂😂

This is why communication ended my behaviourist journey, it proved to me that our dogs aren’t any different to us and need to be treated with the same understanding and respect that we would show another human being rather than being forced (trained) to do something that they really don’t want to ❤️🐾

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