Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – national storytelling day

I’m someone who truly believes that my dogs come to me for a reason. Each and every one of them have helped me to where I am today and because today is national storytelling day I thought I’d share this story around this ❤️❤️

Paddy’s influences and teachings are very fresh and ongoing and show that it doesn’t matter how experienced you are there’s always something to learn or a truth to face up to.

Paddy came to me in January 2021 after biting his owners child. He was 10 months old and what any regular trainer would refer to as a “typical terrier”
He will yap constantly at anything that moves whether its a cat, the sheep, birds in the garden or the other dogs and If he’s given the opportunity he will chase these animals while yapping.

The main problem comes when he chases the other dogs and actually catches up with them, he’s so over aroused that he bites them and we have had several puncture wounds and scabs because of Paddy’s antics and managing the situation has been hard work he needed me working with him and calming him constantly and with the other animals, the house and my business I just couldn’t do it. I was starting to think that I needed to find somewhere else for him to go 😢

But there were times when he was so calm and quiet and would settle and rest so easily and not be a problem all day. I used to tell him that this was when he was at his best and when I absolutely loved him ❤️❤️

I just couldn’t work out why it was that sometimes he was like this and other times he was demonic, and then I realised…….

The times he was calm was when I was calm. When my energy was low and I was able to take some time out for me and the dogs.
The times he was chaotic was when I had 1000 things going on and no time to do them and was trying my hardest not to be stressed but obviously failing miserably. Paddy was mirroring my subconscious mental and emotional state constantly!!!

Now it’s pretty stupid really that it took me so long to make this connection seen as this is what I speak to my clients about all of the time, but when you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re managing and are fine it can be difficult to see that there’s anything for the dog to mirror. I had to really dig deep and be truthful with myself about how I was really coping and managing my life to be able acknowledge what was going on with Paddy.

This is why I’m so picky with what clients I will work with and why I still choose to pass some on to ‘regular’ trainers, because as much as every client will admit their dogs behaviour is probably to do with them, most of them aren’t ready to acknowledge how true that is and work on the deep and sometimes private issues that the dog is trying to bring to the surface ❤️🐾

This is also the reason that I don’t share a lot of the work I’m doing or the feedback I get. I have the utmost respect for my clients and their privacy. It would be lovely to share videos with you all to show how I work but my sessions are usually too personal for that, so you all have to make do with my own experiences or the comments that just tell you how amazing I am without the details 😂😂

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