Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

Two years ago, a couple of weeks into the first national lockdown, I walked out of my full time job. I was working in a doggy daycare and didn’t feel that the welfare of the dogs was being considered enough by my employer.
I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do or how I was going to pay my bills 💸 💸💸💸 I just knew that I couldn’t work for someone with her ethics.

I knew I had skills, I’d spent 12 years managing stores and grooming salons for the UK’s biggest pet store chain. I had spent 2 years working in dog walking and dog daycare businesses. I was a qualified groomer and a qualified behaviourist, I had spent 5 years training in therapy based behavioural techniques for dogs with deep emotional issues and past traumas and 7 years fostering and rehabilitating dogs with those issues for rescues 💔💔
So Kev bought me a van, fully fitted with dog crates and I advertised every service I could and started to build a business at the worst time possible.

That business has changed enormously in the last 2 years as I’ve evolved it into one that I love, with services that I enjoy rather than being one of desperation. With my Canine Therapy work taking centre stage and this past year has really made me reflect on the best way to offer this service 🌟🌟🌟

To start with I was going to clients houses and working with their dogs just like I have my own and my foster dogs over the years. Which meant that I would be the one treating them.

This is all well and good but our dogs don’t just have their own issues. They feed off of our emotional and physical energy as well and sometimes it is purely our energy that is influencing them. So I really needed my clients to be more involved in the process and to be working on their own energy while we worked with their dogs. I decided to make some changes to get them more involved so that they really benefited from this service and weren’t just relying on me to change their dogs.

I still offer the individual communication sessions to help people connect with their dogs, but I also now offer: 

🐾 my 4 week chaos to calm program – this helps my clients to understand why their dogs behave the way they do, how us humans influence them and how to manage the energy to bring calmness and harmony to any situation.

🐾 my 1-2-1 mentoring sessions – these teach my clients how to work with their dogs themselves. Our dogs want to be heard and understood and their behaviours are just them trying to achieve this and once you’ve worked with me 1-2-1 you’ll be in tune with each individual dog in your home and be able to step in and manage any situation before it even comes to anything.

Working this way has enabled me to be able to help people from all over the world rather than being tied to the cases that I can travel to.
I’m so proud of the difference that I’m making to the lives of my clients, their dogs and the relationships between them. I’ve had people describe it as relationship counselling between humans and their dogs, which I absolutely love 🥰🥰.
To top it off I now have other pet professionals signing up to my mentoring to learn how to work with dogs the way that I do and include this in their business ❤️❤️❤️

I honestly couldn’t have imagined any of this when I walked out of my job 2 years ago and I couldn’t be happier with how my business has developed 😊🐾

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