Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – Understanding Something Doesn’t Mean it Won’t Affect You

Just because you understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t emotionally affect you.

I looked after a friends dog over the weekend and he’s been really nervous and pee’d everywhere whenever I’ve tried to do anything with him.

I understand why, I’ve connected with him and felt the fear and worry because he doesn’t know why he’s here or where his mum is and he’s terrified of being near the other dogs, but it doesn’t make constantly being covered in pee any less annoying 😂😂

The same goes for him. I can explain everything to him, answer his questions and reassure him but it doesn’t mean the fear and worry suddenly goes away.

That’s why when we work together I teach you techniques to help your dogs to express how they feel and release their emotional energy and rebalance their energy systems in ways that are suitable for you both ❤️

And the Best Buy is that while your working with your dog you’re also calming your emotional energy and rebalancing your energy systems so it’s a win win 🏆

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