Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – A Different Way of Life

I don’t teach a method or a technique…… I teach a way of life 💓💓

I show you how to remove the chaos from your relationship with your dog so you can live together happy and harmoniously.

I help you to connect to them and understand them so that they never have a need to act out and if a situation arises where they’re not comfortable, then I give you the tools to help them cope with it in a way that is acceptable for you both.

Once you learn to honour and enjoy your dog in this way, you’ll be set to do the same with every dog you ever share your life with.

So you’re not paying me to fix anything or solve your problem. You’re paying me for a lifetime of understanding dogs and being able to live with them in a way that suites both you and them.

Obviously if you’re happy to carry on the way you are then that’s completely your choice. I just think this is something our dogs deserve….. Don’t you?? 🐾❤️

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