Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – You Are Constantly Subconsciously Connected to Your Dog

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an animal communicator or whether you even believe in it!! You’re dog is connected to you and is picking up on your thoughts 🧠 and emotional levels 🫀throughout the day.

So what are you really saying to your dog at each given moment?

I spoke to a dog the other day who, since lockdown, has started working himself up into a frenzy every time the postman arrives. He lunges at the door and rips the post through the letter box and destroys it.

I asked him what he was feeling when the postman came and he shared with me that it wasn’t to do with him, he doesn’t really care about the postman or the post, but Mum does.

No I don’t mean Mum’s having an affair with the postman 😳😳

What he shared was that Mums mood took a dive when the post arrived and the thought that he shared was ‘please don’t be more bills’.

Now I think we can all relate to that feeling sometimes, but this family has been through a particularly tough time and lost their business during Covid so these thoughts and emotions had been a daily occurrence for a while. Mum even said she used to be relieved the days that the postman walked past and didn’t have anything to deliver and this is what was being communicated to the dog every single day 💔

Now Mum isn’t a communicator, she initially contacted me because she thought I was a ‘regular’ behaviourist but thankfully took the leap and still booked a session when she found out what I really did.

Now she understands exactly why her dog is displaying this behaviour and is a little more careful of what she’s telling him on a daily basis 😬

So come on!! What are you telling your dog with your thoughts and feelings? Is their behaviour directly related to something you’re putting out their?

Want to find out??? Drop me a message for the booking link ❤️🐾

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