Thoughts of a Canine Therapist – Podcast Appearance

I was lucky enough to be asked to talk about my development of Canine Therapy on an episode of Niki French’s Pup Talk The Podcast.

We had great fun chatting and also discussed my inability to foster a dog without then adopting them and how this has led to me living with the large canine family that currently share my life and home!!

Niki is an amazing dog trainer and has a lot to say on the topic of actually walking your dog…… so much so that she has written a book about it and recently hosted her own awareness day around the subject. This is a topic that is very close to my heart because I don’t believe in making a dog to do something that it doesn’t want to do or something that it doesn’t enjoy just because society says that this is what a dog should do or this is what makes you a good pet parent. Making a dog to go for a walk when it doesn’t want to will trigger emotional overload and therefore force them to express certain behaviours that we then don’t like.

Have a listen to my episode of the podcast here……..

And I highly recommend that you explore Niki’s other episodes because there are some amazing guests giving excellent advice!!