Tails of a Dog Therapist – Episode Thirty One

The words animal communication can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.

Some people don’t believe in it at all and won’t even entertain the idea that we can connect to our animals.

Some people believe but are scared to try it for fear of what an animal might disclose.

Some people have paid someone to communicate with their pet and had poor results, leaving them feeling they were scammed.

Some people have tried to learn to do it themselves and had poor results, leaving them feeling like they can’t do it.

Some people have had excellent communications with their pets or another persons animal, whether that be from someone else or they have connected with them themselves, and they absolutely love it.

My experience was a mix of several of these things. Firstly I was a non believer 😱 yep there you go, I’ve said it!!! But we’ve all gotta start somewhere right?

I was at a horse show with a friend and was holding onto her horse while she was doing something. Now I like to think that I’m quite a friendly person so when a lady started walking towards me I smiled and said good morning. She pretty much ignored me, walked straight up to the horse, stroked him and then said ‘you know your horse doesn’t like his name don’t you?’

I was shocked and questioned what she was going on about and she told me that he had communicated with her and told her that he didn’t like his name. I have to say that my tone was probably a bit shitty when I replied with ‘and yet he didn’t tell you that he’s not my horse, funny that’. I then told her to do one, shook my head and assumed she was crazy.

I didn’t really give it much thought for several years, but in 2010 I lost my beloved nan and being desperate to connect with her I went to see a medium. I told Kev’s Mum about this and knowing my love of animals she gave me a book and told me that if I believed in mediumship and the spirit world then I’d like it. It was written by an animal communicator and was all about her life and the conversations she’d had with animals.

I still wasn’t completely convinced this was something that could happen, I was aware that it could all be fictional but was a little more open minded to it this time around and a couple of years later I booked a communication session with this lady and asked her to communicate with one of my dogs that I was struggling to train.

It was done via messenger so there was a 2 way conversation going on between me and her throughout. I obviously wasn’t sure what to expect but at the time of the session the dog definitely didn’t act like he was having a conversation with anyone and a lot of the information she wrote down meant absolutely nothing to me. At the end of the session I was no more aware of what he needed or why he was being a dick than I was at the start, in short it was a complete waste of time and money. I came away from that session even more sure that animal communication was just something that allowed fraudsters to prey on people and take their money 😡

A few months later I was at a fun dog show and there was a lady there offering animal communication and Reiki sessions. I have to say that I don’t actually know what made me speak to her on that day but I remember thinking that it felt like I was constantly having this placed in front of me and that maybe I should look into it a bit more.

I had been attending events at a local spiritualist centre, so I spoke to the lady there about it and she mentioned that she had an animal communication workshop coming up. She said that instead of constantly paying other people I could learn to communicate with my dogs myself. So I paid my fee and I went along for the day to learn how to connect to animals and receive information from them. I sat there all day and got…… nothing!!

Other people were bringing different things up and it seemed as though the tutor just said yes to everything they said. It again made me question how much of this was a con, because surely not everyone could be right?

I then gave up on the communication idea for a while and started learning the other techniques that I use today and as I was practicing or working with a client I would get the odd thing happen that I couldn’t really explain. I would get an emotional feeling or suddenly have an out of place thought pop into my head or a random smell enter my nose. I tried to dismiss it but there was always this nagging voice in my head that was telling me that I needed to pursue animal communication.

It just kept being thrown into my life time and again and eventually I had to sit up and take notice. After a failed online learning course and lots of tears from not being able to receive anything from animals on command, I found an amazing mentor who took away all of my previous misconceptions and taught me how to communicate with any animal that I wish, and I haven’t looked back since.

She made me understand that none of those people were frauds or con artists, they just didn’t have enough training or experience to get the right answers and the animals don’t always know all of the answers.

I couldn’t communicate with animals because I believed it should be a two way telepathic conversation of words. The same as having a conversation with a human, but in my head instead of out loud. This just isn’t the case, yes animals will send me words, thoughts or phrases but they also show me how they feel about things via emotions, they send me physical sensations like pain or discomfort, they send me smells and tastes and there’s also a strong sense of just knowing something. Once I started to train myself to notice all of these things the communications started to flow.

She also taught me that the information we give an owner is our interpretation of the information given to us by the animal, so it’s my job to interpret it right and if I’m confused, not sure on something or if the owner has any doubts then it’s up to me to ask the animal for more information to make sure I’m right. For example I was once sent the smell of a beef rawhide chew, there was no mistaking the smell but it was up to me to decide whether the dog was sharing that he liked them or whether he didn’t like them and never wanted them again and what the importance of this information was. It turned out the owner had read bad things about rawhide and stopped giving them to him and he really liked them, but I had to ask extra questions to reach that answer, the smell alone wasn’t enough information.

This is what I believe happened on my paid communication. The communicator just didn’t ask the dog for clarity around things and was giving me her first interpretation of things and unfortunately that interpretation was wrong. It wasn’t that she wasn’t connected and wasn’t getting the information that she was sharing she just wasn’t going back and checking things with my dog.

I also now know that there isn’t a right or wrong answer, our animals don’t have the knowledge of human based things like we do so they have to draw on the communicators knowledge to share things. So sometimes they can’t tell us what is wrong because they don’t know and neither does the communicator, all the animal can do is share symptoms, thoughts and feelings.

She also showed me that it had to be a two way open communication channel, it’s no good wanting to know something instantly and expecting to get it, or only asking the animal something at a critical time. They want to be able to discuss with us like we would with each other.

I am now so convinced that animal communication is real and that I can do it that it’s my number one tool in finding out what’s happening with a dog so that I can help them.

So wherever you are on your animal communication journey just know that even non believers can develop into professionals ❤️