Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – Hot Dogs

I don’t moan about the heat, I actually don’t mind it but I do worry about the dogs in it. So much so that we bought an aircon machine to help keep them cool a couple of years ago. I’m not gonna lie me and kev get a lot of relief from it as well and it was probably the best investment we’ve ever made, even if it is only used for a few weeks of the year and collects dust the rest of the time.

I also do all of the other things that are suggested to keep my dogs cool.

I have cool coats for them if they need them, we had cooling mats but they got ripped during a game of tug when the dogs were trying to grip them with their claws so we gave up on that idea. We put ice cubes in the water and I get them doggy ice cream for a treat. But by far the thing that the dogs love the most is the paddling pool.

They love chasing and catching the water as it first comes out of the hose and then they paddle round in it chasing the ripples that they’re making.

Jess used to stand in it barking to tell everyone she was in there but she’s not been well enough this year to enjoy it unfortunately.

Brian on the other hand has been taking full advantage of the nice, cool pool outside. He runs into it, lays down, moves around in it on his belly while the water splashes everywhere, then he just lays there for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of the water. I love watching him enjoy this simple luxury. What I don’t enjoy is what ensues afterwards!!!

He suddenly decides he’s cool enough, gets up and charges across the garden, through the back door and into the kitchen, taking half of the pool with him. He doesn’t stop to shake (and thankfully doesn’t shake in the kitchen either) but he leaves a trail of water across the floor and then stands there letting it drip off of him until he feels the need to go and climb back in the pool and do it all again.

The other day I walked into the kitchen unknowingly, hit the wet floor and almost did the splits. I shouted out “FFS Brian” and as I turned to look at him he was just standing there with the biggest smile on his face ever. I don’t know if he was just enjoying life or whether he was laughing at my misfortune but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he was cool in the hot weather and happy as well.

You see that’s why I do all the things that I do with my life. Everything is to enrich the lives of my dogs and make them as happy as they can be. Who cares if I break my legs in the process 🙄