Tails of a Dog Therapist – Episode Twenty Three

This week I have actually amazed myself with my capabilities!!

Now I know that what I do works, I have 20 dogs at home to prove it (well 19 because Paddy’s still a work in progress 😂😂) and thats without counting the 7 dogs that we have lost over the years or the foster dogs and clients dogs that I have worked with.

Most of these dogs have come to me with one issue or another and I’ve watched them all improve but I still feel a sense of wonder when I see dogs improve instantly in front of me or get feedback about the improvements after just one session. This is something that has happened to me several times this week.

I attended a nervous dog event last weekend and stood and watched as people turned up with their dogs and the behaviours started to unfold. I connected with the dogs and questioned how they were feeling and the real reasons behind the behaviours, not the owners perceived reasons.

I then proceeded to explain it to the owner from the dogs point of view and give them hints and tips of how to correct it. By the end of the hour long event all 5 dogs were in close proximity to each other and all were behaving well.

I came away from that event thinking ‘bloody hell I’m good’ 😂😂

Then came my next challenge. A dog that after 9 years had suddenly developed a fear of a visiting family member since he sneezed loudly one day and spooked her.

She was still happy to see them and would run up and jump at them but would then run out to the garden and wouldn’t come back in again. Once the family member left she would have to be coaxed back into the house to be shown that they were no longer there and this was becoming a long drawn out process as well because she was just too worried to come back in.

She has also developed a fear of fireworks in the last couple of years, after being fine with them most of her life.

I went in and observed her reaction to the family member while I connected in with her to see what was happening from her point of view. I also worked with her using the essential oils and I offered her some Reiki throughout the session as well.

I then guided her owners on how to deal with the behaviour from what I was receiving. By the end of the 90 minute session she was in the room with everyone and they said that she was the calmest and most relaxed they had seen her in over a year.

Yet again I left feeling on top of the world and acknowledging how amazing what I do is.

Later that evening I received a message from the dogs owners to say that after I left she relaxed even more and actually went to say hello to the family member that she’d taken the disliking to and allowed them to stroke her!!

I don’t mind saying I got a little bit overexcited at that point and started jumping around the room and telling Kev how bloody awesome I was.

I always have people telling me that I’m amazing so it feels good to actually believe in myself and my abilities to help even the most challenging cases because believe it or not, imposter syndrome sneaks in before every consultation.