Tails of a Dog Therapist – Episode Eight

Episode 8

Three years ago I would never have imagined that I’d be running my own business. I was too scared to give up my full time job regardless of how much I hated it because it gave me a secure wage every month. Then opportunities were placed in front of me that just felt right at the tIme and I grabbed them, when they didn’t work out I leaped to the next one and then eventually everything came together and I was suddenly working for myself.

When I set my business up in June 2020 I thought it would be completely different to how it actually is.

I thought I’d be walking groups of dogs together five mornings a week like every other Walker did, I’d be doing therapy/behaviour consults or grooming dogs in the afternoons and would be finished by 5.30 every evening with the weekends to myself.

Eight months on and my business is nothing like that. I am attracting clients that struggle to walk their dogs themselves or whose dogs have behavioural issues that make it impossible for them to go for a group walk so I’m doing individual or household only walks with only a couple of walks a week being group ones.

While walking the dogs individually its giving me a chance to train them and work on their issues which in turn is making it easier for their parents to walk them when they take them out.

It’s made me realise just how many people silently struggle with their dog walks so I added in my 1-2-1 training walk service so that I can show them how to change their dogs behaviour and how to manage it while their working on changing it.

My therapy work is also nothing like it was 8 months ago, I have added more techniques and found the perfect way of working so that I can tailor a course of treatment that suites each individual dogs needs. Now I’m just looking at the best way to market myself in the black and white world of dog behaviour.

I wanted to set up a canine sensory garden like they have in rescue centres up and down the country but I didn’t have a space to set one up, so I decided to set up a mobile one. I’m now looking at offering sensory workshops when the world goes back to normal to help animals overcome their fears and phobias and to release excess energy and built up emotions.

I’m cutting down on the grooming side of the business because it’s not something that benefits me health wise or my business financially and is the part I find the least enjoyable.

I have added Magnetic therapy to my ever growing list of services and have a range of products for both dogs and their humans.

I’ve also just added an amazing poop bag that’s shaped like a glove to the list of products that I sell.

These past eight months have been a massive learning curve for me and most of the time I’m just going with the flow and grabbing at the opportunities as they present themselves to me. I don’t even think I’m setting my business up myself, I think the universe is doing it for me and I’m quite happy to surrender to it and am excited to see what continues to unfold for me.