Thoughts Of A Dog Therapist – The Joys Of Discussing Things With Your Dogs

Kev came in on Sunday evening and said he had to pop out to get some fuel in his truck ready for the morning and if I wanted to go with him we’d stop at McDonald’s.

I agreed and he then asked me which dog(s) I wanted to take with me. I said not to take any and they’d be ok at home but he remembered something I’d mentioned earlier and wanted to take Mary. 

I am working on something with my amazing animal communication mentor and something that came to light recently made me think about the way I am with my older dogs. Mary for example has become really weak and wobbly on her back end so I’ve stopped taking her out on my dog walks. But she still wants to come and gets really excited and squeals every morning and it breaks my heart to walk out without her, she doesn’t see that I’m doing it for her own good no matter how hard I try and explain it. This is because although her physical body is getting weaker, her spirit is still as strong as it has always been and she still has the desire to enjoy all of the things she always has. So he decided we could take her for a ride and let her enjoy a trip out. He even bought her some treats in the petrol station ❤️

As I was sorting the dogs out and getting ready to leave Bella said to me ‘if you’re going to McDonald’s can you get chicken nuggets?’ 

I promised her I would as I closed the door to her crate. 

We got to the drive thru and Kev asked me what I wanted, I reeled off my order and at the end I told him to get some chicken nuggets as well.

He asked me how many and I said it didn’t matter and told him about my conversation with Bella before we left. 

He didn’t even question it he just ordered a box of 20 nuggets like it was normal. 

For me this is what animal communication is all about. It’s about listening to your animals and granting their requests where possible, compromising when needed or explaining things to them when it’s just not possible. 

The fact that my dogs can ask me for things or question my reasoning and know that I’ll listen to them and reply has made the world of difference to my relationships with them. 

It doesn’t mean they’re perfectly behaved all of the time, and I don’t expect them to be because they’re all individual souls with their own minds and characters. When you start to see them that way, as individual, equal beings you allow for the odd off day, or the odd arguments because nobody can be happy and get on with everyone all the time can they.