Thoughts Of A Dog Therapist – Dogs Come To Us For A Reason

Life has been turned upside down this past week. We have taken on a new dog with the intention of rehoming him, but it’s starting to look like he won’t be going anywhere which means that we’re back up to 20 dogs indoors again. 

He came to us because he bit a child in his last home (thankfully we don’t have children), but this mistake led to him needing a new home and so he came to stay with us. He is actually the 6th dog I’ve been asked to take on in the 4 weeks since Christmas but because I’m not a rescue he is the only one I’ve actually said yes to and thinking on it this is what always happens. 

Whenever I take on a dog, whether it be with the intention of being their permanent home or just a foster, I’ve usually said no to several other dogs beforehand for one reason or another. Most of the dogs I have at home with me came to me as foster dogs through rescues and have ended up being adopted by me and my partner, Kev. Whereas there have been other foster dogs that we’ve let go off to amazing new homes. So it got me wondering why we agree to home some dogs and not others and why we offer some a permanent home and let others go.

As I’m writing this blog I’m thinking ‘god I sound like such a terrible person turning away defenseless animals in their time of need’, but unfortunately caring for animals properly takes up time and money. I have skinted myself to look after my animals over the years and I’m not in a great financial position now because of it. Also most of the dogs I get asked to take on have major behavioural issues and I just don’t have the time available to give them the training and support they need what with running my business and looking after the menagerie i’ve already got. For me I have to be 100% certain that if I take a dog into my home, I can give it a better life than the one it currently has or could have, and if I can’t then I’m not doing the right thing by them. 

I’m aware that a lot of people would rather see their dogs in a loving home than in a kennel in a rescue centre but if they need training and I haven’t got time to give them that then in actual fact they’re better off in the rescue where there is a team of people available to train them.

I have taken on dogs in the past and failed them and unfortunately they have lost their lives because of it. Our boy Seth died in April of last year because I hadn’t spent enough time on his recall. He ran off during a late night walk around the farm with Kev, managed to get into a neighbours garden and sadly drowned in their swimming pool. All because I didn’t have the time to spend on his training. I definitely don’t want to make that mistake again!!

Obviously these are all very practical reasons for not taking on any more dogs, so then why do certain dogs still end up coming to live with me? 

It is my belief that any animal that crosses our path or comes to live with us does so for a reason. They are here in our lives to teach us and to show us things. I have said in previous blogs that each of my dogs have caused me to learn a new skill. It might have meant me doing a new course or workshop or it may just be to teach me patience and understanding, but each of them has taught me something.

Recently an incident with one of my dogs has led me to look into animal soul contracts and it has given me a whole new perspective on my relationship with my dogs and why my dogs are with me. It has even helped me to cope with the terrible loss of Seth. 

Not only is any animal that crosses our path or comes to live with us here to teach us something,  it’s teachings were arranged with us on a soul level before we were reincarnated into our present bodies. Yep you read that right! 

Every person or animal you meet or share your life with has already prearranged to cross your path in this life and you have a contract in place with them to ensure it happens in order to help you with your own spiritual growth.  When these animals or people have then fulfilled this contract they may then exit your life again because they also have contracts with every different person or animal they meet in their own lives. 

Looking at it this way I can see exactly why some dogs come to me and some don’t and why some stay with me and some are rehomed. It all depends on whether they have a soul contract with me and if they do then what type of contract they have. 

This has been a massive teaching for me in the last year and it’s something that I am really passionate about. So if you would like to know more about soul contracts or would like to learn about your own animals contracts with you then please get in touch and we can book in a chat. 

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