Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – To Believe Or Not To Believe That Is The Question

This week has been a big week for me. I submitted my first communication with an animal for review and got some amazing feedback!!!

Now I know there will be some people out there who still don’t believe people can talk to the animals. I know this because I was one of them 😱

14 years ago I was at a local horse show where a friend of mine was showing her horse. A lady randomly walked up to us and told us that the horse didn’t like his name and that he didn’t like certain other things she did with him either. When asked how she knew this she replied ‘he just told me’

Now I loved the Dr Dolittle film when I was younger but that’s as far as it went. The idea that anybody could talk to animals was too out of this world for me and something I never thought I would believe in, let alone be doing!

A lot has changed in my life in the last 14 years, I learnt about dog behaviour and took on a few rescue dogs. I lost my beloved nan in 2010 which caused me to start venturing down a more spiritual path. Then the spiritual and behaviour paths soon started to cross over as I was slowly introduced to the techniques I use now.

However animal communication was always something I struggled with. I did a couple of courses, had the odd smell, thought or feeling come through but generally I just couldn’t do it. Each time I tried and got nothing it would just reaffirm to me that not everybody could do it.

Then I was introduced to an amazing communicator called Joanne Yeoh and in just 3 months she completely turned my world around. I am now communicating with my own dogs daily and am freely communicating with other people’s animals as well. This is a game changer for my canine therapy sessions, knowing I can now ask the dog whats wrong when I need to resolve a behaviour issue rather than just guessing what the trigger is.

I know there are still people out there who will be sceptical or won’t believe we can talk to the animals, but that’s fine because it’s what I now believe that matters. I feel like my life has now been fulfilled and the excitement for what’s to come is unreal 😊

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