Thoughts of a Dog Therapist – Trying to Save the World Only Impacts on You!

This week I read a really upsetting post on a group I’m part of. It was saying that as a light worker, this person felt overwhelmed by what was happening in the world and the task of trying to change it.

I felt compelled to comment because I have been through this myself with dogs. That’s why I ended up with over 20 at one point!

I started as a dog behaviourist 11 years ago and have developed my skills and methods over the years and am now a Canine Therapist, but even back then I was capable of fixing most of the problems people’s dogs had. The only issue I had was that they didn’t live with me, they lived with their owners and these people didn’t follow the instructions I gave them, meaning that things didn’t change for them.

I knew that if they lived with me, with my methods in place 90% of the time, (even I forget to follow my own advice at times, I’m only human 🤷‍♀️), then these behaviour issues would be more manageable if not disappear completely. So when owners used to come back to me and say ‘it’s not working we’re going to rehome her’ or ‘we think it’s best we put him to sleep’ I used to jump in and take the dog home.

This solution worked for the dogs, and for me really because I love every one of them, but it has crippled me financially over the years. Eventually I ran out of the time and the money to take on more dogs. This is when I realised that the only way to save the dogs is through educating other people, the ones who want to be educated.

We have to take a step back sometimes and stop looking at the overall picture. Each of us is just one person and we can’t save the world single handed. We can’t keep thinking about how bad the world is and what we have to do to change and save it. We just have to concentrate on the little part we’re here to play and start with that. It could be writing blogs to educate or running workshops but whatever it is it will start to cause a ripple effect and we’ll soon start to feel good about the changes we see

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