What are our dogs really trying to say with their behaviour?

What is it that they really want and need from us?

Our dogs don’t misbehave for no reason, but most of the time the reason isn’t explored and the dog ends up continuing to behave in an undesirable way because it isn’t being listened to and doesn’t know what else to do.

Regular training and behaviour techniques adopt a one size fits all approach without getting to the route of why the dog feels the need to display the unwanted behaviour. I know from experience how negatively this can impact our dogs emotional and mental state.

As a canine communication specialist I help you to understand exactly what your dog is trying to tell you with their unwanted behaviours and what you can do to manage and support their true wants and needs so that the behaviour doesn’t need to be displayed.

This isn’t about fixing a behaviour problem, if we suffered with conditions like anxiety, depression, fears or anger issues we wouldn’t just have it trained out of us, we would be supported by a therapist while we learnt to manage the condition. This is what I teach you to do for your dog, in essence you become a therapist for your dog.

There’s no denying that dogs have their own issues, especially ones that are holding on to past trauma’s, but they also adopt and mirror issues that we may be holding onto or struggling with. Which is why I also teach you how to calm your emotional energy so that you can successfully work with your dog.

What are people saying about my services?

Big shout out to Becky for helping me to get my dogs from manic to calm and for your support on our doggy walk to the beach this morning, this not only calmed my dogs but brought some lovely calm to my morning too” – Lisa, Mummy to two very noisy sausage dogs

Thanks for looking after my fur babies xx Amazing seeing them come along xx Thanks so much for making them happy” Elaine, Mummy to two worried terriers

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