Why Canine Therapy?

Canine Therapy is a series of techniques that will help you to understand why your dog is behaving the way they are and allow you to truly help them so that they are able to stop or change the behaviour.

This is not a training technique, therapy supports your dog and allows them to release their fears, anxieties and other built up emotions. It also helps them to let go and recover from past experiences and traumas that are holding them back from enjoying a stress free, happy life.

Helping your dog to manage it’s day to day stresses leads to a more enriched life for you as well. Walks become enjoyable, home life is more relaxed and stress free, your home is no longer destroyed and sharing your life with your dog once again becomes an enjoyable experience.

What are people saying about my services?

“Just wanted to send you a quick message……. Got people round for a birthday celebration and ‘H’ is doing soooo well! Laying calmly in the middle of the kitchen floor at the moment!!!” – Jen, Mummy to a very friendly, humping hound

Big shout out to Becky for helping me to get my dogs from manic to calm and for your support on our doggy walk to the beach this morning, this not only calmed my dogs but brought some lovely calm to my morning too” – Lisa, Mummy to two very noisy sausage dogs

Thanks for looking after my fur babies xx Amazing seeing them come along xx Thanks so much for making them happy” Elaine, Mummy to two worried terriers

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