Have you previously tried to train your dog but found that the methods made the behaviours worse or just didn’t work?

Have you found yourself working from home more and are struggling to get any work done because your dog won’t leave you alone or have you had to go back to work after lockdown and have found your dog is struggling to cope at home without you?

Has your dog suddenly started behaving in a way that they have never behaved before, either in general or around a certain situation?

Do you wish you could understand your dog better and find out what they’re thinking and feeling?

Then look no further because I have a service to help with any problem that you are experiencing!!

  • Superior Canine Therapy sessions to get to the bottom of any behavioural issue
  • Animal Communication sessions to help you to better understand your canine friend
  • Group sensory garden workshops for extra fun with your dog, while socialising with other dogs and owners
  • A mobile sensory garden for fun and frolics in your own home or garden
  • Amazing dog walks to tire them out physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Training walks to help you resolve your recall or lead walking issues
  • A licensed transport service for your pampered pooch whether they need to be dropped at a daycare or a friends house for the day, or need to be transported across the UK.

What are people saying about my services?

Big shout out to Becky for helping me to get my dogs from manic to calm and for your support on our doggy walk to the beach this morning, this not only calmed my dogs but brought some lovely calm to my morning too” – Lisa, Mummy to two very noisy sausage dogs

Thanks for looking after my fur babies xx Amazing seeing them come along xx Thanks so much for making them happy” Elaine, Mummy to two worried terriers

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